The Transexual Person is my Neighbour

By Christina Beardsley

The pastoral focus of ministry in the Church of England has been one of its great strengths and Trans people, especially at key stages, such as ‘coming out’, or Transition, need to be approached pastorally. Changing Attitude Trustee Christina Beardsley has written some pastoral guidelines for clergy, ministers and congregations  (with an Appendix on Intersex by Michelle O’Brien) which is available from three sources:
As a pdf from the LGBT Anglican Coalition

Highly recommended by the Bishop of Manchester (the Right Revd Nigel McCulloch), these guidelines have proved a helpful source of information and reflection for the local bishop, parish priest and PCC when one person’s transition was negatively perceived by a minority of members of that particular congregation.

Hard copies of these guidelines are also available from the Gender Trust for a small charge (£4).

Read more about our practical support for trans people in the Church of England on our main website here.

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