Permanent, Faithful, Stable: Christian same-sex partnerships

By Jeffrey John

Written by the Church of England’s most senior out gay churchman, this book argues that the church should offer LGBT couples a positive theological understanding of their relationship as well as practical acceptance and support. It looks at the familiar passages used against gay relationships and shows how they emerge from cultural assumptions that few modern Christian would find morally acceptable.  It then looks at stability in LGBT relationships, and argues that visible LGBT clergy provide vital support and advice to gay couples.

This popular book now comes in a new edition arguing for the importance of gay marriage and with a new introduction by Canon Mark Oakley.  A postscript by Dr John reflects on the political situation as of 2012 – in particular the way that the church’s policy of appeasing dangerously homophobic Anglican provinces while standing against gay friendly legislation in the UK has made it ‘public enemy number one’ of many gay people and destroyed the Church’s moral reputation among a much wider audience.

Brief and engagingly written, it is an excellent primer of the liberal Christian argument for permanent, faithful and stable gay relationships.


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